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Explore the inexplorable. Achieve the impossible. Rise above your challenges and feel the real power with Totum Sport, the 100% natural solution that immediately supplies you with the 78 electrolytes you need to boost your performance, prevent injury and enhance recovery after exercise. Because the true power is in the minerals.

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Totum Sport is especially designed for you, for when you push yourself in training or when you need to give it your very best in the toughest, most brutal races. Our new ultra-light, user-friendly foil packaging means you can have it on you and take it whenever you want during the challenge.

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We love to see how athletes prepare for and overcome their most daunting challenges. That is why Totum Sport has created a support programme for elite athletes who epitomise accomplishment and effort. This group consists of professionals from sports such as football, swimming, athletics and endurance races. People who, through intensive training, dedication and consistency, have become among the best in their disciplines and who continue to work hard every day to get even better.

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